Massimo D'Amico

I am not a surrealist, or an abstract expressionist.
But the geometry of human form is magical.

Have you found your Border Space?

I went to looking for my Border Space since 5 years ago, when I crushed myself into a reading about the Philosophy syncretism school of Quanzhen, a very old Tao religion, born in the old city of Samarkand sited on the famous route (Silk Road) between China and the Mediterranean, in the central Asia. It shared thoughts and Ideas with Buddhism and Confucian. Their masters and priests used to get this energy between the things and the earths, the natures and the people, through the breathing. They used the breath like a machine to capture this vibration, and they breathed for hours, and more they got it and then more they wanted it. My own research of BoderSpace is not so deep properly, unfortunately I haven’t got their knowledge and wisdom; but what I can do is just use the medium to express myself, so by the Painting. I am using the painting as the Quazhen masters used the breathing, I need painting to capture those energy, to understand this light that surround us.

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For that I have been focused, since I was sure to carry out this way of thought, just around Art, nothing more, nothing about the beauty, the cool, the contemporary, the provocative and fashionable, but just about Art and about who make this. The human being. That means that all the obstacles that I over crossed and I will cross that push me up to a new high level of intelligence and such power or creation.

For that we have to fight, and if I gain a disastrous victory or if I gain an awful defeat, the fight will be good anyway. And just then we can say: 'I have found the Border Space!'.

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